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I have always been a very keen traveller, I have been going abroad for longer than I can remember, in fact, when I was just a few months old I went to the Island of Majorca.  So far I have been fortunate enough to travel to five of the worlds seven continents with just Africa and Antarctica left to go.

My personal favourite location is the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, the small size of the islands makes you feel like Robinson Crusoe.  One of the islands that I stayed on was only just over 100 meters in length and 50 meters wide.  With pure white sand and crystal clear ocean this is truly the most beautiful place on earth.  

On this page you can see some of my travelling adventures by clicking on the links below.  These are still heavily under construction and I will update this page whenever I have some free time.



India 2008 "Slowly Down the Ganges"
New York 2007 "Over in a New York Minute"
Florida 2007 "Running around the World"
Las Vegas 2006 "A Room with a View"
Sydney 2006 "Climbing High Down Under"
Hong Kong 2006 "Visiting Mickey in the East"
Florida 2005 "Holidays with the Mouse"
Florida 2004 "Surviving Hurricane Jeanne"
Cuba 2004 "Stepping Back in Time"
Iceland 2004 "The Country, Not The Shop!!"
Borneo 2003 "The Land Below The Wind"
USA 2003 "Western Explorer"
Barcelona 2002 "2 Days In The Sun"
Paris 2002 "Rainy Days"
Cyprus 2002 "Problems in the Sun"

Norway Expedition 2002 "Return to the Arctic"
Florida 1989 - 2002 "Destination Disney And Beyond"
Norway Expedition 2001 "Hanging around in the Hardanger"
Nepal 2001 "Trekking to the top of the World"
Los Angeles 2000 "Christmas in La-La Land"

Norway Expedition 2000 "Freezing in the Fjords"
Bali 1999 "The Indonesian  Experience"
Maldives 1997 "My Trip to Paradise"


Coming Soon

USA 2009 "Getting our Kicks on Route 66"
Florida 2008 "Halloween with the Mouse"
Germany 2008 "Short and Sweet"
Fiji 2006 "Peaceful Tranquility"
Los Angeles 2006 "The Return to La La Land"



 Countries Visited So Far (hopefully lots more to come)