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Cyprus, although a small country, has a vast cultural heritage which is evident from the vast number of ancient monuments and sites, castles and forts around the island. 

A couple of weeks after coming back from Norway I decided that I needed another holiday, so I booked a late deal over the internet with Airtours that left a couple of days later.  It was agreed that we would be going to Paphos and we would be allocated a hotel in the town when we arrived.  

Upon arrival in the airport we were greeted by our rep who told us that all the accommodation in Paphos was  full and we would have to go to Ayia Napa, 180km away.  For everyone who is not familiar with Ayia Napa it is a small resort (only two roads) solely catering to drunken clubbers, which is fair enough if you are into that kind of thing but we wanted to spend the week visiting the sights around Paphos.  The apartment that they allocated us was right next to a building site and everything in our room was covered in cement dust for the duration of or time there and apart from the grubbiest beach that I have ever encountered Ayia Napa had nothing else to appeal to us and we complained to our reps and tried to be moved to Paphos which was where we originally booked to be.  

The total incompetent Airtours reps were unable to find accommodation in Paphos and were very rude whilst talking to us.  In the end I took it on my own back to arrange our own accommodation in Paphos by ringing around various hotels.  I found out that not only was there an abundance of rooms available but they where all offering up to 50% discount because it was the low season.

Once we arrived in Paphos on a German tour bus, the holiday was almost over and only had a couple of days left which we spent visiting some archeological sites such as the Tomb of the Kings and the Ancient Mosaics. 

Below you can see a number of photographs from my trip.  And a word of warning Don't use Airtours for your holidays, I have just written them a formal letter of complain and await their reply.  

If you are planning a trip to Cyprus I would highly recommend the Lonely Planet guide to Cyprus, I found it invaluable whilst over there.  You can order it direct from by clicking HERE or from their British site by clicking HERE.

02cyp.jpg (149610 bytes)
Building work next to our hotel
03cyp.jpg (145476 bytes)
The Beach
04cyp.jpg (128569 bytes)
05cyp.jpg (224973 bytes)
A Very Clean Beach (NOT!)
07cyp.jpg (100408 bytes)
Sanitary public toilet
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Ayia Napa Monestry
12cyp.jpg (188493 bytes)
13cyp.jpg (200154 bytes)
Fountain dating from 1530AD
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17cyp.jpg (218260 bytes) 19cyp.jpg (131527 bytes) 23cyp.jpg (131154 bytes)
Paphos Mediaeval Fort
22cyp.jpg (137159 bytes) 24cyp.jpg (186355 bytes)
Ancient Mosaics
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