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In late November 2007 my good friend Raghav invited me to his wedding that was taking place in Delhi January 2008.  It did not take me long to say yes.

As well as spending two days attending the various wedding events I spent another couple of weeks traveling around Northern India visiting all the major attractions.

I took part in an Intrepid Travels “Slowly Down the Ganges” Tour with a group of like-minded people from around the world.  The trip started and ended in Delhi.

Below you can find my travel journal and photography, just click on the relevant days for more information.


Day One - Manchester
17th January 2008

Day Two - Abu Dhabi & Delhi
18th January 2008

Day Three - Delhi
19th January 2008

Day Four - Delhi
20th January 2008

Day Five - Delhi
21st January 2008

Day Six - Mirzapur & Ganges
22nd January 2008

Day Seven - Ganges
23rd January 2008

Day Eight - Ganges & Varanasi
24th January 2008

Day Nine - Varanasi
25th January 2008

Day Ten - Varanasi & Overnight Train
26th January 2008

Day Eleven - Agra
27th January 2008

Day Twelve - Agra & Jaipur
28th January 2008

Day Thirteen - Jaipur
29th January 2008

Day Fourteen - Jaipur & Roopangarh
30th January 2008

Day Fifteen - Roopangarh & Pushkar
1st February 2008

Day Sixteen - Pushkar
2nd February 2008

Day Seventeen - Pushkar & Delhi
2nd February 2008

Day Eighteen - Delhi & Abu Dhabi
3rd February 2008

Day Nineteen - Abu Dhabi & Manchester
4th February 2008