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Summer was upon us again so it was time for another mid year holiday.  This year I wanted to to somewhere a little different, somewhere relaxing but also interesting.  We decided on Cuba, as it had the best of both worlds, beautiful sandy beaches and history that has been frozen in time since the 1950's.  
I thought that it would be interesting to visit a country that has not changed in almost half a century, probably the last place on earth that does not have a McDonalds on every street.  We spent 10 days in the beach resort of Guardelavaca staying at the Hotel Paradisus Rio de Oru which is on the South Eastern section of the Island, and 4 days in the Capital Havana in the Hotel National.

The big disappointment with this holiday was the weather, I knew that it would be the rainy season, but in most places this usually means a brief heavy downpour for about an hour in the afternoon, but not in this case.  We would have torrential rain every afternoon from around 2:00 to late evening every day.  This meant that everything that we wanted to do was crammed into the mornings when the weather was sunny.

Click below to view some of the photos that I took whilst in Cuba, they are divided into two sections, Guardelavaca and Havana.


Cuba Photographs Guardalavaca Cuba Photographs Havana




If you are planning a trip to Cuab I would highly recommend this Lonely Planet guide, I found it very useful whilst over there.  You can order it direct from by clicking HERE or from their British site by clicking HERE.
You may also be interested in the Rough Guide to Cuba, I did not use it on my trip but I have heard nothing by praise for these guidebooks.  You can order it direct from by clicking HERE or from their British site by clicking HERE.