Day Seven - Ganges


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India Trip - Day Seven - River Ganges
January 23, 2008

I wake up at about 07:00 and have breakfast, toast and jam before setting off back down the Ganges at about 08:00.

Today is not as pleasant as yesterday and it begins to rain after lunch and we have to put a tarp over the top of the boat. Because of the weather we donít hardly see anyone on the banks except for a couple of groups playing cricket.

Near the end of the day our kitchen boat stopped to go to the local market and buy fresh vegetables.

When we arrived at camp the rain picked up a bit and we stayed in the boats for a bit debating whether to put the tents up or sleep in the boats. Although sleeping in the boats would be an adventure, I would prefer the tents as it would be warmer and dryer.

Eventually the rain ceased a bit and the boat men pitched the tents. The rain did come back again so I waited in my tent until dinner time. For dinner we had all the usual stuff as well as some chips which was a nice surprise so I ate quite a lot of them.

After dinner I watched the locals making bread rolls by heating them on a cow dung fire.

We then spent about an hour talking around the camp fire before going to bed.

It rained most of the night and the tent leaked quite a bit with puddles forming by morning. There were also quite a few insects in there including a little spider!


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