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Here you will find some of the photographs that I took during my recent Norway Expedition.  Admittedly they are not the brightest pictures around that is because most days it was overcast and I was using a film with an ISO that required a lot of light.  Just click on any thumbnail image to enlarge them.

01n2.jpg (102658 bytes)

Arriving at Tromso

02n2.jpg (121920 bytes)

Early morning taxi to Finland

03n2.jpg (167139 bytes)

Hot chocolate at Kilpisjarvi

04n2.jpg (163256 bytes)

The garage at Kilpisjarvi

05n2.jpg (144094 bytes)

Started the tour

06n2.jpg (116695 bytes)

Crossing the first section of lake 

07n2.jpg (111654 bytes) 08n2.jpg (115406 bytes) 09n2.jpg (265450 bytes)
10n2.jpg (122135 bytes)

Boarder post


11n2.jpg (108902 bytes)

Treriksroset the boarder between Norway, Sweden & Finland

12n2.jpg (121168 bytes)

Balance practice during rest day

13n2.jpg (136753 bytes)


14n2.jpg (121906 bytes)


15n2.jpg (195101 bytes)

Playing Monopoly

Norway 2002 Photos Page Two