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Whilst I LA I was fortunate enough to be at the Matrix Reloaded Premiere at Mann's Village Theatre In Westwood.  This was the busiest premiere I had ever attended and getting a good vantage point was difficult.  I even got interviewed live on ABC.

Below are the pictures of some of the Celebrities that attended this event, just click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Keanu Reeves46.jpg (88430 bytes)
Keanu Reeves
Alicia Witt07.jpg (84908 bytes)
Alicia Witt
Alyssa Milano02.jpg (78145 bytes)
Alyssa Milano
Amanda Bynes10.jpg (95588 bytes)
Amanda Bynes
Amber Valletta08.jpg (100145 bytes)
Amber Valletta
Anthony Wong07.jpg (99720 bytes)
Anthony Wong
Antonio Sabato Jnr02.jpg (87823 bytes)
Antonio Sabato Jnr
Carrie Anne Moss04.jpg (79888 bytes)
Carrie-Anne Moss
Christina Milian02.jpg (97274 bytes)
Christina Milian
Clayton Watson04.jpg (77636 bytes)
Clayton Watson
Collin Chou03.jpg (70560 bytes)
Collin Chou
Daniel Bernhardt03.jpg (71986 bytes)
Daniel Bernhardt
Daryl Hannah06.jpg (85221 bytes)
Daryl Hannah
Dean Cain05.jpg (71563 bytes)
Dean Cain
Demi Moore11.jpg (79793 bytes)
Demi Moore
Eric Close01.jpg (76266 bytes)
Eric Close
Fred Durst03.jpg (81868 bytes)
Fred Durst
GarcelleBeauvais06.jpg (86473 bytes)
Garcelle Beauvais
Gina Torres01.jpg (72764 bytes)
Gina Torres
Heidi Klum06.jpg (64319 bytes)
Heidi Klum
Hugo Weaving11.jpg (83576 bytes)
Hugo Weaving
Jada Pinkett Smith04.jpg (92622 bytes)
Jada Pinkett Smith
Jamie Kennedy11.jpg (80738 bytes)
Jamie Kennedy
JC Chasez02.jpg (86632 bytes)
JC Chasez
joelsilver3.jpg (86732 bytes)
Joel Silver
Jon Lovitz05.jpg (88383 bytes)
Jon Lovitz
Jon Voight01.jpg (80981 bytes)
Jon Voight
Joshua Jackson01.jpg (57639 bytes)
Joshua Jackson
Katie Holmes11.jpg (77772 bytes)
Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes08.jpg (77765 bytes)
Chris Klein
Laurence Fishburne16.jpg (79193 bytes)
Laurence Fishburne
Lucy Liu15.jpg (90277 bytes)
Lucy Liu
Maria Bello09.jpg (83938 bytes)
Maria Bello
Monica Bellucci03.jpg (81284 bytes)
Monica Bellucci
Nick Cannon01.jpg (70672 bytes)
Nick Cannon
Paul Oakenfold02.jpg (85041 bytes)
Paul Oakenfold
Rob Zombie02.jpg (75758 bytes)
Rob Zombie
Sandra Bullock08.jpg (85770 bytes)
Sandra Bullock
Scott Caan01.jpg (74840 bytes)
Scott Caan
Shannon Elizabeth14.jpg (85483 bytes)
Shannon Elizabeth
Taraji Henson03.jpg (89336 bytes)
Taraji Henson
Tom2.jpg (86430 bytes)
Tom Arnold
Tori3.jpg (84839 bytes)
Tori Spelling
Twin09.jpg (91426 bytes)
Adrian & Neil Rayment
Wayne Brady02.jpg (62234 bytes)
Wayne Brady
Will Smith49.jpg (82315 bytes)
Will Smith