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As well as being a big fan of movies I am also rather partial to a bit of TV and theatre. My current favourite show on TV is Heroes and I recently found out they were embarking on a world tour with one of the stops in London, so I thought to myself why not pop down to London for a long weekend break to see the sights, go to the theatre and most importantly, meet the cast.

As with everything I do the first place I look for information is the internet, unfortunately, even with just days to go a proper Heroes schedule had not been announced, so when I left work on Thursday to travel the 200 miles to London I only knew that they would be at the London Eye on Friday (thanks to Hayden's myspace page) and the London Film and Comic Convention on Sunday (only Hayden and Jack announced at the time).

The London Eye

I got to the London Eye early on the Friday and already a large group of fans had started to gather. After a long wait the four cast members walked straight past us and onto the London Eye, Milo seemed to be real happy to see a girl wearing a DSC shirt, I don't know what that means though. I was a bit disappointed that I only managed to take a couple of shots, and to be honest they were not too good.


Security then told us if we waited further down the road the cast would come there and sign autographs when they had finished on the Eye, which in fairness they did for at least 150 people, I managed to get my cast picture signed by all of them, Jack even commented to me that he was not on that shot but he would sign it anyway, he seemed quite a friendly chap. Near the end of the line a number of fans pushed over the barrier and chased them down the street to their coach.

I started talking to a couple of other fans about how I did not have any good pictures of the cast and they told me that they would be on the Richard & Judy show later that day and gave me the address just in case I fancied going there. I did think about it but decided I would like to visit some museums first and if I did have the time I would walk over there. I went over to the Natural History Museum and then to the Science Museum and enjoyed them immensely. I had not been to them since I was a kid.

Meeting Milo and Adrian

Saturday morning I decided to mossy on over to Radio 2, there was not many people there and I was able to get pictures with Michael Aspel, Ricky Gervais (again), Dermot O'Leary, Declan O'Rourke and the main reason for being there; Milo and Adrian. On the way out of the studio they posed for pictures and signed autographs for everyone.


London Film & Comic Con

My final day, Sunday was spent at the London Film and Comic Convention when I arrived I was told that Adrian & Milo were also going to be guests, this was a last minute thing as had I known this I would not have gone around London to get pictures with them. I was able to get photographs and autographs of all the cast, all be it very rushed. You did not have chance to talk to anyone except for Jack who was very friendly, to be honest I don't really like these kind of things as I begrudge paying someone to sign their name on a picture.



I was able to get a number of autographs from the four cast members during the weekend, here are a few of them.