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This is probably my favourite photograph from my trip to Borneo.  The initial idea of my holiday to Sabah was to see the Orangutans up close.  This individual was called Mr. Manan and is from the nature reserve at the Rasa Ria resort.  He was a cheeky little ape running around and playing with the few tourists that had come to see him be fed.   


This is Mr. Manan again eating his fruit.  He is fed at the nature reserve of the Rasa Ria Resort twice daily during which a small group of tourists can watch.  To get to the viewing platform you have to walk or about 10 minutes up quite a steep dirt hill, a lot of the more unfit people needed to stop and have a breather.  At the top we were greeted by one of the keepers how was feeding Manan.  We stayed there for about 25 minutes before heading back down the hill.  When I was leaving I started talking to one of the keepers about the awful events that took place a couple of months before when a someone broke into the Orangutan nursery in the middle of the night and murdered 3 orangutans (Terry, Mambo & Marree) and injured 2 others (Sherry & Tiger).  After the group of people had moved on he took me to a fenced off section of the reserve off the main track and showed me their graves, it was a sad and moving experience, I don't know how someone could want to hurt such a loveable and gentle creature.


This is a photograph of a Proboscis Monkey leaping from tree to tree.  It was taken during our trip on the Kalias River.  The Proboscis Monkey is easily recognised because of its large unusual nose.  


Here is another shot from the Kalias River, this was just as we were beginning our river safari so the water is still still and peaceful.  After we spent a few hours looking for the Proboscis Monkeys we made our way back in darkness and the trees came alive with fire flies to make them look like illuminated Christmas trees.  


This is a photograph of the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur, it was taken from right outside during the walk from our hotel to he building.  It was only one of the clear spells that we had during our three nights in KL as usually it was raining heavily.  On the bottom floors of the building there was a large shopping mall, but the prices of the things there were a bit to much for my wallet, so I just bought myself an ice cream and sat and relaxed.     


This is a photograph of the swimming pool at our hotel in Sabah, The Shangri La Tanjung Aru Resort.  I have to say I was very impressed with this five star hotel and is reputed to be one of the best on the island.  There were many different style restaurants from traditional Malaysian to Italian and Chinese, as well as many bars my favourite being the sunset bar where you could watch the sun go down whilst sipping away on a cocktail, my recommendation would be a Kinabalu Delight.    


Near the end of our stay we took a boat to the nearby island of Sapi within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.  It was only 15 minutes away and on the island there a family of Macaque monkeys as well as a monitor lizard that walks up and down the shore line.  The only problem about the island is that i gets very busy on the weekend, which I found out after I got there, so the best time to visit would be during the week when it should be pretty much deserted. 


This is a photograph of one of the chefs at our hotel preparing our food.  I love Oriental cuisine so as you can imagine I was spoilt for choice during this holiday.  The dish that he is preparing here is a Mongolian Barbeque, after I select which food I want and pile it high in a bowl I hand it to the chef and he stir fries it in front of me in a few minutes, very tasty.   


This is a picture of a stilt village on the coast of Sandakan.  After walking around the wooden bridges that connect the houses we were invited into one of them and surprisingly they are very modern inside, this one had fridges, microwaves, a DVD player and a widescreen TV. 


This is a picture from the House of Sculls at the Monsopiad Cultual Village.  A beam across the ceiling holds 48 skulls that the Kadazan Warrior Monsopiad took from his enemies hundreds of years ago.  As well as the skulls the room also has a number of objects including Monsopiads door from his original house as well as a number of weapons and clothing.   


This is a shot of two of the Kadazan dancers from the Monsopiad cultural village.  After a tour around the village being shown what it was like to live there a few hundred years ago they performed a traditional dance and even got me up on stage o take part as I was the only tourist there.  


The best thing about being in such a tranquil place like Borneo is that it gives you a change to just sit down, enjoy the view and relax just like this.