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Universal Studios has a number of excellent rides all based upon their popular movies such as Jaws, Men in Black, Back to the Future and most recently The Mummy.  One thing that I was a bit disappointed with this year was they are no longer doing the Weld West Stunt Show, this used to be a favorite of mine.  I also got my highest ever score on MIB just under 400,000.  The Terminator 2 3D also has some great special effects and pick up were the second film finished.  I would also highly recommend the Horror Make Up Show it is never full and runs throughout the day (just don't sit in the centre near the front or they may use you throughout the show).  Below are some of the photographs I took at the park, there are not many as I used my video camera for most of the time.  I have also included some vidcaps but these are not very good quality.

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