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As I was a skateboarder for so many years surfing was always a sport that interested me, unfortunately I never had a real opportunity to try it out other than renting a body board for an hour when I was 14 years old.

That all changed when I went to my friends 18th birthday party in Gloucester back in late August 2000, I found out that two of my mates, Mart and Rob were going to Cornwall for a week surfing and they asked if I would like to come, it didn't take me much time to decide (even in my drunken state).  We left a few days later.

When we got there we stopped at a camp site in Polzeath, about 12 miles from Newquay.  We rented boards from here and away we went.  We purchased a disposable camera to record our surfing exploits but couldn't find a waterproof one so we only used it for the first 20 minutes of the trip then threw it on the beach to be used at night to record our antics.

The trip consisted of surfing and eating all day (I can heartily recommend the steak and stilton pasties from the pasty shop in Newquay) and drinking most of the night.

Below are the photographs of the trip, unfortunately the camera was not very good and some of the pictures are quite poor.

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Hopeful, next summer we shall be doing the same thing, and fingers crossed, we will get a waterproof disposable camera to take some better pictures.