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This is a selection of my photos from the Desert Divers annual Isle of Mull Diving Expeditions.

Group 1994.jpg (65205 bytes)

Some of the 1994 Group: left to right - Ruth, David, Reg, Gavin, Claire, Me and Simon.



Group 1995.jpg (38835 bytes)
Some of the 1995 Group: left to right - Ian, Karen, Chris, John, Simon, Ron, Me, Maria and Ruth.


Night Dive 1994.jpg (42976 bytes)
Me and Simon preparing for a night dive at Loch Scridain in 1994.


Boat on Van 1994.jpg (59182 bytes)
Transporting our dive boat from site to site on top of the mini bus.


In Water at Loch Aline 1994.jpg (69516 bytes)
Four divers surfacing after diving at Loch Aline.




On the Boat Tobermoray Harbour 1994.jpg (66530 bytes)
On the boat at Tobermoray Harbor preparing to go out to the Pelican Wreck.


Jump In 1995.jpg (40165 bytes)
Stride entry at Loch Aline.




Tobermoray Harbour 2 1995.jpg (38827 bytes)
All the room that we take up at the car park in Tobermoray Harbor.


Me & Angela 1996.jpg (52056 bytes)

Kitting up at Loch Spelve.


Diving In 1 1994.jpg (58108 bytes)

Me diving off the pier at Loch Aline.



Sound Of Mull 1995.jpg (21564 bytes)

The Sound of Mull.