Peru and Easter Island Day 17


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15th May 2010
Due to the large amount of people who have arrived and left their cases in the line area of the Copa Airwarys check in area (by removing all the barricades) and then walked off, they did not stay in the area. In any other airport in the world security would have removed these bags and destroyed them with the help of the bomb squad, I mean who leaves their bags unattended in an airport, that is one of those rules you just donít break!!!

It took almost an hour to check in so I do not go through security until about 1am, I get some duty free and then find an area that has a free wifi signal and surf the net for a bit until I board the plane.

The Copa Airways flight is very uncomfortable and the people next to me have no concept of personal space, constantly leaning over to me to fart, very nice!

I canít sleep on this flight at all and it seems to last for ever.

When I arrive in Panama it is a very quick layover before switching to my Continental Airlines flight to Newark. I am hungry so decide to get a hotdog and Gatorade. I then go and join the line for my plane which is boarding.

After being in the very slow line for about 30 minutes (they are searching everyoneís bag) I get to the front only to be told I need to get in another line to get my boarding pass stamped, what a joke. I then wait in this other line for ages and only get it stamped with about five minutes to spare, then have to join the original line again to get searched. They take my Gatorade off me which I donít understand as it was purchased this side of security so does not pose any sort of risk, absolutely ridiculous.

The flight is full and cramped and the worse part is if you want to watch the in flight entertainment you have to swipe your credit card and pay $6,, has it come to this that airlines have to charge you if you want to watch the TV?

When I arrive in Newark I go through immigration, collect my bag and then check it in again. I get something to eat from the food court and then wait just over three hours to board my final flight back to Manchester.

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