Peru and Easter Island Day 14


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12th May 2010
I got up the usual time this morning and went for breakfast at 8.30, today I had ham, egg and cheese with some fruit.

After breakfast I walked into town to go to the bank and change some US dollars into Chilean pesos and then continued over to the moai’s along the coast here to take some more photographs of them. On the way back I bumped into Deb, Cheryl and Laurie who were on their way to the Island Museum. I continued back into town and to Oceanic car hire.

I rented a 4×4 jeep to drive around the Island for the day to give me the freedom to go where I want when I want; it was good value only 30,000 pesos ($60) for the whole day.

I then head over to Anakena Beach, as it is still early in the morning nobody is there yet. I take some photos of the moai there before continuing to Ahu Te Pito Kura the site of the small magnetic spherical stone.

After seeing the magnetic stone again I drive over to Papa Vaka, Papa Vaka is an extensive petroglyph site where large petroglyphs are carved into the lava. There are all sorts of petroglyphs here including chickens, canoes, fishhooks, turtles, sharks and octopus. Altogether there are 500 here and you walk around a path to see most of them, there are also some raised platforms to get a view of the carvings.

I then drove to Ahu Tongariki passing horses, pigs and other animals along the way. At Ahu Tongariki I take lots of pictures of the Moai and me pratting about with them.

I then go over to the quarry of Rano Raraku to take more videos and photographs of them. This time that I am here I get to spend as much time as I like and spend a couple of hours just walking around looking at each individual moai compared with being rushed around on a tour. I finish at the quarry by hiking up to the lake inside the crater.

I finish the day by heading back to Hanga Roa and walking around there until sunset and meeting the Canadian ladies at Au Bont Du Monde for dinner. I have local fish in a vanilla sauce and it tasted great, probably the best meal I have had all holiday.

I walk back to the hotel stopping to buy some water and chocolate along the way.

Pictures Coming Soon