Peru and Easter Island Day 06


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4th May 2010
I get ready and have a shower, I can also hear the people in the nearby rooms having a shower and going to the bathroom.

I head down for breakfast as everything is uncovered I donít fancy any cheese or ham that a fly has been on so I settle for a banana.
I am due to be picked up for my tour of the Sacred Valley at 8.40 by the coach arrives 20 minutes late at 9.00 and it is my worst nightmare a very large coach, I was expecting something a little smaller.

Our first stop is on a road with on overlook of the Sacred. Valley. Followed by a 20 minute stop at a market where I pick up a wood carving. From here we make another photography stop.

The first real stop is at Pisac, here we are told about it for about ten minutes and given 20 minutes to explore, and this is very, very insufficient you could spend at least 5 hours here, I rush around to take some pictures and then we have to leave.

Next we stop for lunch at the Sonesta Posadas Del Inca in Yucay which used to be a monastery before it became a hotel and restaurant, the food is of a very high standard and I explore a bit after I have eaten. We spend an hour and a half here which is way to long half an hour would have been sufficient.

We then head over to Ollantaytambo which tales a little over an hour, when we get there we are told about the place for ten minutes then told we have 20 minutes to explore, again this is way to short a time. I basically run (ok maybe walk briskly) to the top and then have to come back down again, it is such a waste I get a chance to visit these wonderful places and donít have any time to see them properly, especially when you consider we spend longer at lunch than we did at the two major archaeological sites in the area combined.

The final stop of the day is Chinchero, here we see how they make the wool used in clothing, it was quite interesting and we spend about 20 minutes here.

We then head back to Cusco. I do think that this tour could have made such better use of time; the two guides were great so were the other passengers I just feel I did not get to see or experience what I wanted out of this tour.

I get some water then try to get an early night as I am up early in the morning.

Sacred Valley Tour

Sonesta Posadas Del Inca