Peru and Easter Island Day 04


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2nd May 2010
I get up quite early and go for breakfast at 6am, there is not much on offer just some cheese, ham and bread, which I make a few sandwiches with. I am picked up at 6.45 and taken to the port, there I board my boat for the day the “Illapa”.
The boat holds about 30 people and we set off, the first stop is the Uros Islands, which are artificial islands made out of reeds. There are about 50 different islands at Uros each with their own family; The island I stop at is called Manco Capac. We are greeted by the residents and then told about the islands, how they are made, how they cook, etc.

I take loads of pictures and buy a really tacky souvenir, a little reed boat from an old woman. We then take a native reed canoe across the lake to another island.

After that we get back on our original boat and head over to Taquile Island which takes about two and a half hours, I spend most of that time on the roof of the boat as I don’t like being cooped up inside.

When we arrive at the island we walk up to the main area, this is quite hard going with the altitude, at the to that is where the main village is, we stop for lunch in a restaurant called “My House” I have soup followed by Trout and rice.

After lunch we continue to explorer the village and head over to the other side to the principal port where we join our boat, luckily it is all down hill.

We get back on the boat and it takes about three hours to get back to Puno, I spend most of the time listening to my ipod on the roof.

As we are getting into Puno the sun starts to set and it quickly becomes dark.

I disembark the boat and get a ride back to the hotel, once there I quickly freshen up and head out for dinner. I go to La Casona Restaurant, it was recommended by my guide and is the number one restaurant in Puno according to trip advisor.

It is just around the corner from my hotel and only takes a couple of minutes to walk there. The restaurant is very clean with friendly staff, a very upmarket establishment. I order a soup to start and an Alpaca steak for the main, for dessert I have a a chocolate cake. The food is really nice and I enjoy it very much.

Just as I was leaving a girl calls my name, I am a bit surprised for a moment and then I realise it is Christie and Jan, a mother and daughter who I met earlier on the boat, I go over to talk to them for about 20 minutes and then head back to the hotel for the night.

La Hacienda Hotel, Puno


Lake Titicaca


Uros Islands


Taquile Island


Sail back to Puno


Puno and Evening Meal