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Thursday 14th December  -  Day One

5:08am phone rings, it's Peter telling me that he is awake, I told him that I would call him at 5:30, but, as usual, he had to ring me for no reason.  We arrived at Manchester airport at 7:00, checked in and waited for our flight at 10:00 by Delta Airlines.

Our first stop in the US was JFK airport in New York city.  Whilst passing through immigration the officer stamped my passport over my Nepalese entry visa which i need to go to Nepal in January.  I told him what he had done but he didn't care less.

We then had a two hour wait before our connecting flight to LA.  Once we boarded the plane we had to wait 50 minutes for mechanics to change a light bulb on the plane.  Because of this delay we were going to miss the premiere of Sandra Bulluck's new movie Miss Congeniality at the Mann's Chinese Theatre.

As soon as we arrived at LAX (Los Angeles Airport) we tried to phone Y Chan's family (Peters In-laws) to come and pick us up.  When we finally managed to get through they didn't know who Peter was, GREAT.

They came for us about 1 hour and 30 minutes later and we drove to their house in Canoga Park.  When we arrived we went straight to our room which consisted of a bed and two duvets on the floor.  We settled down for an early night.    


Friday 15th December - Day Two

Up early, we get ready for our first full day in LA.  We notice that Peter is wearing a green dinner jacket, we tell him that he looks stupid but he thinks that it looks smart.

We arrive at Universal City Walk and within 10 minutes people are already laughing at Pete.  After about 1 hour Peter decides to go off by himself, good riddance.

Soon after a band called jinxed started to record a music video outside Universal Studios, and we were told that Tommy Lee would be making an appearance later but unfortunately we had to leave to go to the taping of Spin City.

We arrive at Studio City and go to CBS Studios.  We have a long wait before we are able to enter.  Our seats are at the very top left hand corner so we can't see every set correctly.  There is a stand up comedian entertaining the crowd during the whole filming.  He asks if there are any international visitors, we put our hands up