Day One - Manchester


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India Trip - Day One - Manchester
January 17, 2008

I managed to leave work on time at 12:00 to go home, calling at boots along the way to buy some last minute medication for the trip.

At home I have a shower and pack, I think my bag is a bit big and am worried about carrying it around for the next couple of weeks when in India.

I leave for the airport at 15:00 and get there just before 16:00 but it takes another hour to check in for the flight as the staff are just talking to each other but keeping the passengers away from the desks.

Once I do check in I go for something to eat, first I thought about having fish and chips at Harry Ramsdens but after waiting at the counter for about a minute or so the girl comes out from the back room, fills a glass of Coke and walks back into the other room, how bloody cheeky, absolutely no acknowledgement that I was there, I move on to another food outlet.

The flight is delayed by 1:30 hours most of which is spent on the phone and the captain says it is because of a technical malfunction with the doors (not what you want to hear). I sleep most of the way to Abu Dhabi.

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