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When in Hong Kong we could not resist spending a day at Hong Kong Disneyland, as you can see from my other travel pages we are big Disney theme Park fans so had to go to this one.


We got to the park by taking the train from Kowloon and changing to the Disney Express which drops you off at the gate, this train is themed with Mickey shaped windows and hand holds, as well as miniature statues of the characters in the carriages.

The first thing that hits you when you enter the park and look down main street is just how small the castle is, it looks like the one from California, which in my opinion is not as 'magical' (impressive) as the others around the world and gets overwhelmed by the surrounding hillside.

We first entered Adventure Land to the left hand side and went on the Jungle Cruise, which unlike the others around the world uses pyrotechnics in its finale, but I did find it a bit short.

We then took a raft over to Tarzans treehouse, which if I am honest is just like the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse at WDW with the exception of a few added monkeys.

Next we went to Fantasyland and sat in on PhilharMagic which, again is the same as the WDW version. Followed by Winnie the Pooh, the Carousel, Dumbo and the Golden Mickeys which is a mock awards show featuring all your favourite characters.

We had lunch in one of the many restaurants, and had some noodles with dim sum.

We then headed back over to Adventureland to 'the festival of the lion king', this again is based on the one from Disney's Animal Kingdom at WDW, but featured less acrobatics.

Then it was over to the last section of the park, Futureland where we went on Space Mountain
(our favourite ride in the park) and Buzz Lightyear.

We watched the parade at 3.00 but it was quite difficult to stand for such a long time in the blistering heat, strong sunlight and very high humidity.

We then went on space mountain a few more times, before wandering around the park souvenir shopping and having our pictures taken with the various characters before the fireworks started at 8.00.

Overall it was a good day out but the park was severely lacking a number of big rides (haunted mansion, big thunder mountain railroad, splash mountain, etc) and this was really noticeable as the park did not keep you entertained for the whole day, which is what I believe any good park should.


Entrance & Main Street



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Park Map

Parade & Fireworks


My Hong Kong Disneyland Videos Hosted on Google Video

Disney on Parade
The whole parade from start to finish, dance along with your favourite characters.
Festival of the Lion King
The complete musical show featuring Simba and a wealth of acrobats.
Fireworks Display
See the complete fireworks and light show at the end of the day at Hong Kong Disneyland.