Day Three - Delhi


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India Trip - Day Three - Delhi
January 19, 2008

Today is the wedding, but to me it did not start off very well. I slept through my alarm call at 08:30 and did not wake up until after 11:00 so I missed breakfast, but I donít think I could have stomached it anyway as I had such a hangover. I promise myself not to drink tonight as I donít want to feel like this tomorrow morning. I finally manage to get out of bed at 12:00 and have a shower to freshen up.

I order some room service, a club sandwich, French fries and plenty of mineral water.

I meet up with Ragz and some of his friends a few hours later and we go for lunch at the Chinese restaurant in the hotel. I just have some plain chicken fried rice as my stomach could not manage anything else.

After this some of us go to the local market and do some shopping and site seeing.

The first wedding preparations begin at 17:00 and I meet Ragz in his room where he takes part in a small ceremony, he gets quite emotional after this.

We them go outside the hotel were we are greeted by a large band playing loud music, everyone starts dancing in the street, even I get involved and this takes place for quite a while.

We then drive to where the wedding takes place, we are again greeted by the band and Ragz rides on top of a horse. To get from the car to the entrance of the wedding reception takes almost an hour as everyone is dancing when we walk.

The venue was amazing a large area covered in a red tent with buffet tables all around, a bar, a stage with a number of thrones on it, a small ceremony area and two cinema screens with live feeds from the videographers who are walking around.

The ceremony takes place in a small open air building with close family members sitting around.

This lasts for about an hour and involves reciting promises to each other, burning wood and throwing rice.

When that ceremony is over they go to sit on the thrones together and everyone gets there picture taken with them.

I spend most of the night drinking (not as much as yesterday), eating and talking to everyone.

We leave to go back to the hotel at around 02:00 and spend an hour in Nickels room were everyone is joking about.


Photographs taken at the shopping market by the Embassies

The Wedding  

Back at the Hotel