Day Ten - Varanasi & Overnight Train


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India Trip - Day Ten - Varanasi & Train
January 26, 2008

The alarm clock goes off at 06:00 but it is cloudy outside so there is no chance of seeing the sunrise so I go back to sleep.I eventually wake up at 09:30 and have a shower to refresh me for the day ahead. I am so glad that I have brought my foam travel sandals that I use in showers as the entire bathroom is the shower so the water goes everywhere, over the toilet, floor, sink, etc. and gives off a funny smell with ominous looking bits floating. I suspect it maybe the drains pushing some of the liquid back into the bathroom.

I pack my back and checkout of my room by 12:00.

I go for a long walk around the local area and buy some snacks for tonights train journey.

I also go back to the location of last nights boat trip and walk up to all the Ghats until I reach where I got to during yesterdays walk and turn back.

There is a large mud area along the banks filled with bulls, I notice that there is one mean bull in there that likes to chase people that walk near him, so I sit down at a safe distance and film him chasing people, childish I know.

I was here that I experience the first time that I have really felt intimidated on this trip. All of a sudden a slick looking man in a leather jacket comes and sits right next to me to talk. I do my usual of just one word answers and try to ignore him then two other men come and stand just to my left, silent just looking at me and then finally another man approaches from behind. At this point I get the distinct impression they are planning something and I get up and move away. The two who are on my left begin to follow me. I stop at a rail by the river where there is a lot of people and they stop too. After a couple of minutes I move on and they begin to follow me again.

After a couple of minutes I meet Nick and Lizzie along the path and have a quick conversation with them. After we finish I look back and the two have decided to stop following me, much to my relief.

I go back to the hotel have a drink and snack then surf the internet until our transport arrives to take us to the train station.

We are bundled into two vehicles; I am in a small mini van facing backwards. All our luggage is on the roof, I keep an eye out that none falls off by looking through the back window.

When we get to the train station we walk over to where our train will depart from and while we are waiting a number of people from our group make balloon animals, much to the amazement of the surrounding people. There must have been at least 20-30 people looking at them.

When the train arrives we board it and settle in for the 15 hour trip. A number of people start to play cards, gin rummy, but as I donít know how to play it I elect to listen to my ipod instead.

When it is time to go to bed, I climb up to my top bunk and there is not much headroom up there and the pillow is a grubby brown colour (it should be white) caused by 100ís of greasy haired people sleeping on it without being washed.

I have a really bad sleep, tossing and turning and constantly waking up. The only dream I can remember is one were I am covered in fleas (probably because of the dirty pillow) and I wake up itching.


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