Day Seventeen - Pushkar & Delhi


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India Trip - Day Seventeen - Pushkar & Delhi
February 2, 2008

I woke up and went for breakfast at a local Israeli restaurant called the Third Eye, unfortunately they had no electricity so could not make my toast so went back to the hotels restaurant for some cheese on toast, but I donít think they could understand the concept as I had two slices of cold toast with cold grated cheese on top.I then went back to town and went to an internet cafť to check my emails and then walked back around the town and around the lake. On the way back to the hotel I called back in to the Third Eye restaurant and had chips in a pita bread, the pita was great and so different than the ones back home that are flat and tasteless.

At the hotel I wait by the pool again until it is time to leave at 14:30.

When the bus comes to take us to the train station we say goodbye to Caroline as she will be leaving the tour here to spend another couple of days in Pushkar before travelling South to a yoga school.

On the train we are split into different carriages. I am with Nick, Lizzie, Hector, and Anuj.

On most trains, busses, planes, taxiís etc on this trip I have been able to sleep, but I just could not get comfy on this train (probably because my backside still hurt from the camel ride). So by the time we got to Delhi seven hours later I was exhausted.

We were picked up by a group of taxiís and transported back to the Pablas International Hotel. Here we convened in the lobby and Anuj gave us a goodbye speech, ialso say goodbye to Nick, Lizzie and Dena as they would be leaving in the morning before I got up.

I arranged to meet Anuj at 09:00 the next morning and went to my room.

I packed my bag to save as much time as possible the following day and went to sleep.


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