Day Fifteen - Roopangarh & Pushkar


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India Trip - Day Fifteen - Roopangarh & Pushkar
February 1, 2008

Woke up at 08:30 and went for breakfast before we checked out, we had it outside on the tennis court. I had eight slices of toast, greedy I know.We then took the 44 jeeps for an hour and a half to get to Pushkar. Along the way we passed through small villages, loads of cattle, goats, camels and even a funeral procession.

We arrive at Pushkar, there was a check point outside the town and we had to pay to go in.

We check into the day room at the Hotel Master Paradise, which we will have until 15:00 when we start our safari.

We then have a short orientation walk around the town by Anuj who shows us the main sights.

We are then left on our own devices to tour the town, I decide to go back to the hotel to relax and have lunch as we will have all tomorrow afternoon to tour the town.

On the way back to the hotel I stop off and buy some snacks for tonight.

I have lunch and then wait by the pool until the camels arrive.

We set off on our camel safari at 15:00, I was the first one to get on a camel and was a bit nervous as I did not want to make a prat of myself by falling off, luckily I did not and neither did anyone else.

My camel was called Lucky and we trekked for a good few hours. First through the town and then into the nearby desert. There was also an angry camel on the trek who was frothing at the mouth and was sticking his tongue out which did not look like a normal tongue but more like his lung sticking out of his mouth whilst making a gurgling noise a bit like bubbles coming up through some hot mud.

When we finally stop, the camel guys set up camp for us which consisted of two big sheets one held up by big sticks and the other on the ground with another narrower sheet wrapped around to act as a wind break.

They cooked us some dinner that night but I did not like the look or taste of it so did not eat it.

The sky was very clear and you could see all the stars.

When it was time to go to bed we all got in our shelter, I think I was quite lucky as I had brough my sleeping bag so I was warm all night but others got cold in the morning.

I was next to the open door so was very paranoid about a dog coming in and licking my face. A black dog did come in walked straight past me went to the end of the tent had a sniff and then went back out.

A cold draft was blowing through the door the whole night directly into my face so I tied the drawstrings on my sleeping bag so just my lips were showing to keep warm.


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