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I have always been interested in space exploration and recently decided to start collecting the autographs of my childhood heroes.  I am particularly interested in the pioneer days of space travel from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs.  These autographs where obtained either through writing to the individual Astronaut themselves or purchasing them from auctions or reputable collectors.  It is my goal to obtain the signatures of all the flown pre-shuttle astronauts, I only have Gus Grissom and Ed White to go, they both sadly died in the Apollo 1 fire.  


Alan Shepard

Gus Grissom

John Glenn

Scott Carpenter

Wally Schirra

Gordon Cooper


Gemini III
Gus Grissom    John Young

Gemini IV
Jim McDivitt
    Ed White

Gemini V
Gordon Cooper
    Charles Conrad

Gemini VII
Frank Borman
    Jim Lovell

Gemini VI-A
Wally Schirra
    Tom Stafford

Gemini VIII
Neil Armstrong
    Dave Scott

Gemini IX
Tom Stafford
    Gene Cernan

Gemini X
John Young
    Michael Collins

Gemini XI
Charles Conrad
     Richard Gordon

Gemini XII
Jim Lovell
    Buzz Aldrin


Apollo I
Gus Grissom    Ed White     Roger Chaffee

 Apollo VII
Wally Schirra    Don Eisele    Walt Cunningham

Apollo VIII
Frank Borman    Jim Lovell    Bill Anders

Apollo IX
Jim McDivitt    Dave Scott    Russell Schweickart

Apollo X
Tom Stafford    John Young    Gene Cernan

Apollo XI
Neil Armstrong    Michael Collins    Buzz Aldrin

Apollo XII
Charles Conrad    Richard Gordon    Alan Bean

Apollo XIII
Jim Lovell    Jack Swigert    Fred Haise

Apollo XIV
Alan Shepard    Stuart Roosa    Edgar Mitchell

Apollo XV
Dave Scott    Al Worden    Jim Irwin

Apollo XVI
John Young    Ken Mattingly    Charlie Duke

Apollo XVII
Gene Cernan    Ron Evans    Harrison Schmitt


Charles Conrad    Joe Kerwin    Paul Weitz

Alan Bean    Owen Garriott    Jack Lousma

Jerry Carr    Ed Gibson    Bill Pogue

A number of Astronauts have also authored several books about the space program, a list of them can be found by clicking HERE